How to make money online you Witkey

How to make money online you Witkey

「-Alright, we will kindly accept this request.」

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In the countryside like Goza village, everyone always helped each other.

When the rice harvest is poor, all other farmers bring their crops over.

Wheat and potatoes — the same is true for when other crop harvest is poor.

Everyone should come together and help those who are in need.

「Oo, that’s great! That’s very helpful! I know I can entrust this to you guys reassuringly!」

Bons-san stamped a big seal on the request form.

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「Oh, and one more thing – this is a personal request from me.」

Then he took three bills from his pocket – 30 thousand gold.

「I’d like you to do some market research」

「Market research is it?」

With that 30 thousand gold, he is probably going to request something of an errand…