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“Shinohara said that they were pushed off the slope.”

I took a look at the slope in question as Ike repeated what Shinohara had told him earlier, but all of a sudden, his explanation somehow seemed hard to believe.

“Pushed off? …How awfully unsettling.”

“So they won’t have to retire because of that, right? That’s right, right?”

“If that’s the truth, then yes, of course they won’t.”

“What do you mean ‘if that’s the truth’? Shinohara said so herself!”

“Then, I assume she must have evidence of some sort to back that up, yes?”

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Faced with Sakagami’s response, both Shinohara and Ike were left momentarily speechless, at an utter loss for words.

“Y-you say that, but we’re not at the school! There aren’t any surveillance cameras or anything like that!”

“Though, if they were pushed, one of them must’ve at least seen the culprit’s face.”


“So how about it, Shinohara-san? You can’t just keep crying, so how about you give us an answer?”

The only evidence available at the moment was Shinohara’s personal testimony as a member of the same group.

Although I could try to mention the mysterious set of footprints I had identified earlier, the ground all throughout the nearby area had long since been trampled by a sizable number of people.

Even if I were to bring them up, it wouldn’t accomplish anything.

“I-it was dark…”

“Dark? So dark that you couldn’t see the culprit’s face?”