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Online App Software Chat Make money reliable?

Not necessarily.

It could even be expected that many people would definitely stand on the side of the clubs, accusing Boss Pei of always making a fuss.

Some people would say that even if there was a problem with the contract between the club and the player, it would be enough to settle in court. It would not prevent them from holding the game or the audience from watching the game. Why bother with such a small issue?

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If what Boss Pei wanted to do now was an easy thing to do, then the domestic esports industry should have been doing it for so long before, and the organizers should have done it a long time ago. It would not be Boss Pei to do it.

Therefore, even though Boss Pei seemed to have a tough attitude and was about to win the game, he should also be under tremendous pressure...

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Zhang Yuan looked at Boss Pei, who was playing with his mobile phone leisurely, and couldn’t help feeling that Boss Pei was indeed a person that was really capable of doing great things. This psychological quality was indeed strong enough.

“Boss Pei, do you need me to do anything?” Zhang Yuan asked.

Pei Qian looked at him. Zhang Yuan’s expression seemed to have a little admiration, but also a little tragic... and a little inexplicable.

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What was running through his brain again?!

Pei Qian hurriedly said, “No.

“Just wait for these clubs to come back, talk to our colleagues in the Legal Department, and draw up a specific contract to sign with them.

“Oh, and there is no need to make news of the clubs’ transfers.”

Pei Qian was afraid that the news would spread too widely and arouse a lot of attention. All kinds of unexpected people might jump out to order, then there would be huge trouble.