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H-How embarrassing! My face heated up again. However, Tendo-san didn’t look down on me and continued:

“How should I put this? You really match my ideal, I really want to praise myself for mustering up the courage to talk to you…”

“Huh? M-Match your ideal? Eh… You are referring to…”

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This time, I was heating up for an entirely different reason. Eh… Judging from this… Could this be the route I thought up in my delusions about her falling for me!?

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My heart was thumping hard, and Tendo-san straightened her back and looked right into my eyes for some reason.

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“Erm, Amano-kun, if you don’t mind, would you like to…”

I-It’s here──! T-The moment of confession is here──

“... Join the Gamers Club with me?”

“Of course! I knew it! I already knew that you want me to join the game── Huh? Wait… Game… Gamers… Club?”

The invitation came too unexpectedly, which left me dumbfounded.

But Tendo-san still acted like an angel… smiling sweetly at me.