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Go to hell!

Li Shi did not notice the abnormality in Boss Pei’s expression and continued. “Boss Pei, the three of us are loyal diners of Ming Yun Private Kitchen!

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“But it’s simply too painful to wait for an opening! It was okay at first when there were few people, but it became more popular as time went by.

“An appointment one week in advance is acceptable, but one month in advance is completely different!

“We originally booked a restaurant according to our schedule. Now, we have to change our schedules according to the availability of the restaurant!

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“If you want to book a large scale banquet at Ming Yun Private Kitchen, you would have to book in advance wait until the dates are approaching before you can invite your partners to Jingzhou.

“It’s too inconvenient!!!”

Pei Qian sighed secretly.

He could only say that the three of them deserved it…

Sure enough, happiness depended on the comparison.

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Boss Pei felt really inconvenient being able to only book the entire place on the 20th of every month and the largest private room once every week.

However, Boss Li and the other two were

Pei Qian couldn’t help but sympathize with them when he heard that.

Li Shi continued. “Therefore, all of us agreed immediately to open a branch of Ming Yun Private Kitchen together with Boss Pei.

“We’ve agreed that the capital, manpower, and management would be handled by the three of us. Boss Pei, you need only come out with the ‘Nameless restaurant’ brand name. We’ll pay you dividends every month!