Which platforms on the Internet are suitable for the mother

Which platforms on the Internet are suitable for the mother

I left the shelf and subconsciously grabbed the box before checking on it again.

(…This must be the wrong option, right…)

Even though I’ve played a bunch of dating sims and hentai games, why would I still make such a rookie mistake in real life? I literally didn’t learn anything from the games. However…

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Just as I’m looking at the package dazedly, I can suddenly hear a voice calling me from the side. Then, I can see Kousei, who quietly went around the shelf and came in front of me.

“Yes, yes, yes, I know what you’re going to say.” Facing the pervert middle schooler with a stiff face, I answered while chuckling.

“What the hell, bitch. You’re useless, bitch. That’s what you wanted to say, right? I’m sorry for not breaking up your brother and Tendou-senpai apart. I also wanted that-“

Yes, just as I’m answering cynically.

Him – Kousei Amano, walked next to me and mumbled quietly.

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“You’re dumb, …just like a certain twisted brother of mine.”

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Although I can’t really hear it, …I can’t help but look back when I heard Kousei’s gentle voice. I’ve never seen him talk this softly.

So, Kousei is still facing me with his back and even switching to his usual stern tone before bidding farewell to me.

“Bye, Hentainomori-senpai.”