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and I remained.

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"But I was not yet at the end of my troubles."Since she had been speaking of M. Van Klopen, Mlle. Lucienne seemedto have lost her tone of haughty assurance and imperturbablecoolness; and it was with a look of mingled confusion and sadnessthat she went on.

"What I was doing at Van Klopen's was exceedingly painful to me;and yet he very soon asked me to do something more painful still.

Gradually Paris was filling up again. The hotels had re-opened;foreigners were pouring in; and the Bois Boulogne was resumingits wonted animation. Still but few orders came in, and those fordresses of the utmost simplicity, of dark color and plain material,on which it was hard to make twenty-five per cent profit. VanKiopen was disconsolate. He kept speaking to me of the good olddays, when some of his customers spent as much as thirty thousandfrancs a month for dresses and trifles, until one day,"'You are the only one,' he told me, 'who can help me out justnow. You are really good looking; and I am sure that in full dress,spread over the cushions of a handsome carriage, you would createquite a sensation, and that all the rest of the women would bejealous of you, and would wish to look like you. There needs butone, you know, to give the good example.'"Maxence started up suddenly, and, striking his head with hand,"Ah, I understand now!" he exclaimed.

"I thought that Van Klopen was jesting." went on the young girl.

"But he had never been more in earnest; and, to prove it, hecommenced explaining to me what he wanted. He proposed to get upfor me some of those costumes which are sure to attract attention;and two or three times a week he would send me a fine carriage, andI would go and show myself in the Bois.

"I felt disgusted at the proposition.

"'Never!' I said.

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"'Because I respect myself too much to make a living advertisementof myself.'

"He shrugged his shoulders.

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"'You are wrong,' he said. 'You are not rich, and I would give youtwenty francs for each ride. At the rate of eight rides a month, itwould be one hundred and sixty francs added to your wages. Besides,'

he added with a wink, ' it would be an excellent opportunity to makeyour fortune. Pretty as you are, who knows but what some millionairemight take a fancy to you!'

"I felt indignant.

"For that reason alone, if for no other,' I exclaimed, I refuse.'

"'You are a little fool,' he replied. 'If you do not accept, youcease being in my employment. Reflect!'

"My mind was already made up, and I was thinking of looking out forsome other occupation, when I received a note from my friend thepeace-officer, requesting me to call at his office.

"I did so, and, after kindly inviting me to a seat,"Well,' he said, 'what is there new?'