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After a while, I managed to spoke up.

“…Our partners have been worrying over us for a while now…”

“…I understand.”

“Even so, …currently, we’re a bit too depressed to create an indisputable fact.”

“…I understand.”

“With this situation, if we gifted a limited teddy bear out with an incredible effect out to our partners on the last day of the school trip…”

After I said that, …I thought of Tendou-san’s face as I smiled warmly.

“…I feel like if we do that, …it’s really reassuring for the person we’re dating…”

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“…I understand.”

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Aguri-san must be thinking about Uehara-kun as well, she showed a pretty warm and gentle expression, which I rarely see.

Although we thought about our partners’ cheerful face for a moment elatedly, …after 10 seconds, the two of us laid onto the table once again.

“But it’s 20,000 yen…”

This is unaffordable for high school students.

Uh, our parents will cover some of our costs during the school trip. …Even so, I don’t feel good about using that money to buy expensive gifts for our boyfriend/girlfriend. I should say, I can’t face my parents and Tendou-san properly if I did that.

So, we have to acquire 20,000 yen on our own. …However, usually, Aguri-san and I don’t really have extra cash in our wallets. Also, we would often come to the family restaurant and drink. I didn’t even need to say this.

Moreover, aside from the monthly pocket money I get from my parents, I’ll also get them to put me into some part-time jobs during the summer and winter holidays, just to balance everything out-

When I thought about that, Aguri-san made eye contact with me. She…only gives me this look…whenever she has something hard to tell. This means that she’s trying to do that in the beginning….

“Amanocchi, let me ask you this…”