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This time, there was no need for him to say anything more. Old Yu quickly took screenshots, recorded down, and restarted the game in one go. The entire process did not take more than a minute.

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Xi Hao was speechless. “Please continue.”

Half an hour later, Tang Yishu finally managed to get through the short DEMO.

However, there were at least fifteen lines on the form and a bunch of screenshots of bugs on the table on Old Yu’s side.

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Xi Hao was a little ashamed and did not dare to look Qiu Hong in the eye.

What a mess!

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He had wanted to show Little Tang the game developed by the incubation base, but it turned out that he had developed bugs!

The fifteen bugs made Old Yu dizzy. The bugs here were all different in severity. Some were directly reported wrongly and quit the game. Some were wrong renderings and affected the visual effect. Some would only cause the game to be stuck, but they could still continue playing.

However, no matter whether the bug was serious or not, they had to be repaired.

Old Yu had originally felt good about himself. He had thought that there would be no problem with this stable DEMO display. However, he had no idea why everything was so bad today, those bugs that only appeared occasionally happened all at once!

Xi Hao said awkwardly, “This should be an accident. We’re not very lucky. Come and take a look at this game instead. It shouldn’t be a problem.”

“Little Zhou, open your game.”

Xi Hao was eager to get back, to prove that not all the games in the incubation base were trash; there were still games that could be played.

However, Little Zhou scratched his head and said in embarrassment, “Brother Hao, for some reason, I can’t open this game...”

Xi Hao felt light-headed. “Wasn’t everything fine this morning? Why can’t it be opened?”

Little Zhou looked innocent. “I don’t know either! I didn’t change anything!”