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“It’s not twenty minutes yet!”

“Old Qiao’s treat!”

Qiao Liang raised his head incredibly and saw Ruan Guangjian coming out calmly with a ruddy face. Indeed, it had only been seventeen minutes!

Qiao Liang shouted hurriedly seeing how these ‘meal tickets’ were about to celebrate. “Not so fast!”

“I chose more than twenty minutes and also for him to clear the game. Therefore, it is still my win if he cleared the game!”

The fans were instantly shocked.

“The f*ck? Old Qiao, you cheater! Playing around with words!”

“No can do, it is under twenty minutes!”

Qiao Liang laughed. “Twenty minutes were originally estimated based on the entire clearance requirement of thirty minutes. Put it bluntly, you bet that he cannot complete the game while I bet that he can.

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“He passed very fast so obviously, I should have won the bet!”

The fans were speechless. Qiao Liang was very proud. He was absolutely right no matter whether he was analyzing problems or people!

This Ruan Guangjian could not be understood by common sense. See how steady his steps were and how ruddy his face was. How did it look like he was frightened? He obviously cleared it too fast!

These ‘meal tickets’ wanted to compete with me? Too naive!

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A ‘meal ticket’ went up. “Big boss! Did you really pass it?”

Qiao Liang sneered in his heart. What futile resistance! They just could not afford to lose! Look at Ruan Guangjian’s expression, what was there to doubt?

However, Ruan Guangjian smiled. “No, I only passed half of it.”

Qiao Liang: “??”

The fans were ecstatic while Teacher Qiao was in a daze.

“W-why?” Qiao Liang could not accept this fact.