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That kind of scar would be traumatic for a girl of her age.

(But even so, this darkness… It can even erase a ”curse”?)

I thought it might just work, though I didn’t think it would be so easy.

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(Just what is this spirit core that dwells in my soul…?)

When I was thinking about that,

「A-Allen-sama…! Actually, I have a small request too!」

「M-Me too…! There’s something really bothering me right now!」

A lot of female students rushed to me at once.

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「Eh, ah… please calm down a little!」

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Then I wring out darkness until my spiritual power was completely exhausted.

As a result, I had a new understanding of this darkness for the first time.

This darkness has an absolute effect on external wounds.

Cuts, bruises, curse, rash, dry skin, muscle pain – all heal in no time.

On the other hand, it seemed to have no effect on『disease』such as a cold.

After that, in the morning, we mainly trained in soul dress.

During lunch break, I had lunch with a group of ten people including Ria and the others.

And we did strength training in the afternoon.

After classes were over, everyone gathered together, and did our respective training.

Everyday was so tiring and fulfilling at the same time. And today was the last day we were to spend in White Lily Academy.