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It was still very heavy, but at the very least, it looked bigger than GOG’s championship trophy while ensuring that the team members could lift it up.

Finally, both teams took their seats and began to adjust their computers after a rather long opening ceremony. The highly anticipated IOI global finals was about to begin.

The platform was fully filled with people since it was the finals. There were five commentators and three former professional players participating in the analysis and discussion.

Three of them were in charge of commentating during the competition. The remaining two commentators and three professional players were in charge of analyzing before and after the competition.

The analysis before the competition was mainly to warm up the venue, analyze the current state of the two teams, their preparations, the tactics they were good at and predict the contents of the next match. The analysis after the competition was mainly to review the previous match and point out the turning point and key players of this match.

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These three professional players were the star players of veteran European and American clubs. They were strong and had a deep understanding of the game. They spoke clearly and were carefully selected from the six teams that were eliminated in the top eight.

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All in all, the standard for the finals was directly maxed out, giving the audience the feeling that they really profited from buying the tickets!

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The players were still adjusting the machine and making pre-match preparations. The two commentators and three professional players on the analysis platform began to warm up and analyze today’s finals.

“OK, let’s take a look at the prediction for this finals. It’s surprising. Apart from David, everyone in the eight commentators predicted that FRY would win.”

“To be honest, such a one-sided prediction made me feel a little uneasy. Then, let’s discuss why we made such a pre-match prediction.”

“I think we should ask the three professional players to tell us why you made this prediction. Is it because you were eliminated by FRY?”

The three professional players looked very relaxed. The first person on the right spoke first after laughing.

“FRY Team is our old rival. While they have eliminated us in the semifinals and made us very indignant, I have to say that I think they are indeed stronger than us. They are the popular candidates for the championship in this finals.”

“On the other hand, while we have not fought with FV Team before, FV Team seems to be a team that focuses on routine and teamwork from their style. Their performance in the previous games was indeed invulnerable, but I think that the overly smooth elimination tournament journey did not allow them to suffer too many setbacks and therefore have not had much experience when the situation goes against them.”