Do you sell pancakes online?

Do you sell pancakes online?

In a whisper, the Old man whispered, and the two men behind him disappeared in an instant.

“Elder...... are you...... perhaps...”

“Hohoho...... well now? But whatever you find out, don’t tell anyone, okay?”

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I thought from the Old man’s appearance that he wasn’t just a merchant, but...... before I heard anything, The Old man laughed again and made a deflection.

Then he slapped me on the back.

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“Well, that was rather harsh to watch... shall we sit down while we eat?”

Maybe the Old man suggested it out of concern for me.

“A little more... I’ll take a look around....”

“Oh? Oh I see?”

Yes, I thought I’d take a closer look.

“It’s a little complicated, but... well, unlike the mafia, if what you’re doing is illegal...... I don’t know what to say to Bro and others, and I don’t have that kind of consensus...”

The nobles here. The guys who are working. The monsters that are fighting.

“...... Are you all right?”

『Huh, child. A moment ago, who were you looking out for??』