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Chang You expressed approval. “Yes, that’s a good idea.”

Pei Qian considered for a moment and said, “We’ll be called Otto Technologies. In Mandarin, it would be Outu Technologies.

” ‘Ou’ stands for the mew gull, which travels all over the world in the space between the sky and sea. This is a metaphor for our company expanding all over the world like the mew gull. Our company’s prospects would be as vast as the sky and as magnificent as the sea.

” Tu’ stands for our ambition to become the master of the universe. Naturally, it symbolizes our company’s lofty goals!”

In actual fact, Pei Qian hoped for the company to become highly paralyzed and collapse as soon as possible.

Chang You fell into deep thought once again. The name’s metaphor was quite good, and it rolled off the tongue as well.

Yet, Chang You inexplicably felt that it sounded faintly foreboding.

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[1] This is a Chinese internet slang to describe a hefty price that only uninformed customers would pay.

[2] Goudan and Cuihua are common and tacky names of people in the countryside.

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November 9th, Tuesday…

Last week, Pei Qian found himself busy with many things. Over at Fei Huang Workspace, Zhu Xiaoce and Huang Sibo were still preparing for filming based on Pei Qian’s script.

Zhu Xiaoce had to extend the script until it reached the ideal movie duration and hire staff as soon as possible. Once the script and scenes were ready, Zhu Xiaoce would have to talk over the script, shortlist actors, browse and select locations, and the like. There was a lot to do.

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Over at Shang Yang Games, everyone was still playing as many horror games as they could, trying to find material and inspiration. However, Pei Qian guessed that-given Ye Zhizhou and Wang Xiaobin’s productivitythe design manuscript would be out in a few more days.

Everything that needed to be one for the investment firm was more or less done. With He Desheng’s help, Dream Realization Ventures would probably be open for business soon.

The HR department was also finalizing the details of the recruitment process. At the moment, the stages had already been set. However, the questions for the written examination and interview had not been decided yet. The HR department also had to think about admission and allocation of applicants, cooperation of various departments, and prevention of information leakage during the recruitment process. As for the cell phone business, Chang You had already contacted his brothers from Hongcheng Technologies. When they arrived in Jingzhou, they would look for a good office location. Then, they would more or less be ready to conduct research and development.

After that, it would be time for Pei Qian to swipe his card.